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Welcome to the website of Zhor and Allan - This is our own private website, you can here find various information about many different things which is useful for us to share with people we know, and maybe also useful for people we don't know (yet?).

This website is our little space on the web and is furthermore an experimental playground for trying out things. You will have to bear the burden of being a tester of this site. we will try out different designs and content here, using the principles of the waterfall philosophy and natural selection (sharing what we want, removing what we don't want anymore). The name skinfaxi comes from the old nordic/norse sagas. Skinfaxi (also known by the name Skinfaxe)was the horse which pulls Day's (Dag in danish) chariot across the sky. Skinfaxi means shining mane (Or shine mane).

The site is divided into sections, which you (hopefully) can choose on the left side of the screen:

Welcome! - This! With notifications/Update information and such!

Curriculum Vitae of Allan - Allan's CV with a little information.

Calendar - A calendar for this year (it auto-detects), and capable of calculating other years. It is constructed using JavaScript and in order to display the calendar JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. This one calculates the calendar as adopted in Denmark (and some other countries) - which converted to the reformed calendar (Gregorian) in the year 1700. The algorithms used in my script can calculate forward and back in time (tested in a span from year 1500 until year 2100 (incl.) - beyond that you are on your own). At the moment the reformation adoption is for a length of 18 days in February in year 1700. The calendar was constructed in order to try out some algorithms for date calculation and is using its own routines. Why? for the fun of it, and for being able to port such a calendar into embedded devices or other uses.

SI/Metric system - Just some practical info for calculation and reference using the SI system.

Elements - Preliminary prototype of the periodic table of the elements. This table is very much unfinished and is under heavy construction at the moment. Do NOT count 100% on the data given, it has to be validated and more information is to be added, among other things we also need to make it display better! You have been warned!

Spectra - Some information about spectra and emission. Under construction.

SW Algebra - Some different information about how to do things, and how to calculate different stuff (The page is under heavy construction at the moment!!).

Download links - Some practical download sites for software. It is also for keeping track of some software development projects which we find interesting. We try to keep it uncommercial, but we will not make it limited in that direction.

Research links - Links you could go looking if you need some info about a topic. This is just a small selection of ours, and it will be modified and expanded over time.

Practical links - Some sites are good to have for one reason or another. Usually sites which we use rather often, or find practical once in a while. You can use the search engines if you are looking for something not located on these pages.

Collision site - The pages of the demo group Collision (CLI). The group is very dear to me (Allan), and part of Allan's history!. The handle/nickname Domix originates from Allan's time in the scene. The Collision logo in the link is based on the logo (by Wave) used in the intro for the simple Commodore 64 game Pipeline Rat (designed and programmed - in assembler, by Allan - that was many years ago) which you can download in the CLI section. There are also a number of Demos (Collision's own), SID tunes, Covers and other goodies you can download if you are into emulators or retro stuff. There are also a lot of material to read, some history, programming info and so on. The CLI section is most likely only of interest to the sceners and related but you are very welcome to take a surf on the pages - maybe they will amuse you - if not: just ignore them. Some of this is from a time with machines with 64Kb RAM running at a speed of about 1MHz (thousands of times slower than many PC's today) and other challenges for the programmer - Some had great fun back then!

Some of these pages are under construction and a color system indicating the status is used. Greens are ready, yellows are almost done/to be validated, reds are under construction, and blue is a different site-section. You might wonder why we have put some of the pages online already. The reason is that the pages are topic of discussion and evaluation and it is much easier to administer when they are available. There will come new releases from time to time as they are constructed and re-organized.

You will find different things on these pages, some might be useful to you and some don't. It all depends where your interests are. These are some of our interests, and we just presents some of them to you. You might notice a very strange mix of topics on these pages now and in near future. Food, Art, People, Computer-science, History, Physics, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Alchemy, Minerals, Rocks, Poetry, Electronics, Fishing. Just some of the things we find entertaining in this life.

Remember to be sceptic about all things in this world, it gives you the greatest satisfaction in life to find out that everything you believe in.. is wrong. Even the simplest object has a universe of its own, and as always - your own discoveries are the best.

We take no responsibility, what so ever, for the content of these pages. Any damage, hard feelings or whatever, and you should blame none other than yourself. You are here on your own risk. We try to maintain this site in a noble way and the best way we can, but whatever people might think about something is up to themselves. You should make your own judgements in life, and you might discover you can see things from any angle you find possible... Including impossible angles under some circumstances.


Zhor and Allan


:-) The site was designed for a resolution of 1024*768 pixels and up, but we have tried to make the design useable for 800*600 pixels resolution without making the menus doing strange things etc.. If you are using a different resolution, give it a try anyway. This goes only for this part of the site, and not for the Collision section (which is keept as simple as possible - and should be viewed in 1024*768 or higher). Furthermore we have taken in consideration the use of "web safe" colours but decided that such should be taken care of in the browsers (colour conversion) and the hardware used. I see no point in limiting this site due to "Technological leftovers" from ancient times, even though there is many who would argue about that.. This release of the site have been rewritten to XHTML and UTF-8 (And some CSS2) for several reasons - the experience with XHTML compared to HTML, to keep a more strict standard and to be able to handle arabic letters more easy than before. My aim is a rather simple maintenance for the most common installations (tested in Internet Explorer 8.0+, FireFox, Opera and Google Chrome, with JavaScript enabled) rather than reaching all - this will cause problems for those not having an updated system. However if you encounter a problem and is using a rather new browser, please send a note about it (public email address can be found in the in the CV section (Email changes from time to time in order to avoid too much spam). The search box is implemented by an external service - with the limitations it has when it comes to logon. It will be replaced when the time comes.