History of Collision


" I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...
 Attack Ships on fire off the shores of Orion.
I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark off of Tanhauser Gate.
All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain.
...Time to die. "

-- From Bladerunner; Roy Batty (played by Rutger Hauer)


" Don't be sad... Roy!...
Your prime will come once again.
The rain brings spring to seeds under the ashes.
There is a time for it all...
We manufacture such moments... "

-- Allan Bjork Kristensen, 2003



First of all, I would like say that this little story is in the making. Some things are left out, due to no interest to this site. Some information is forgotten and need a refreshing rewriting. This is written in the eyes of Domix/Collision for the time being. I was not there in process of forming the group from the beginning, only joined later the same year. Furthermore there are of course details which never have come to my knowledge as I (for a long time) was the only member in Denmark. And there are stories to tell, but of which I cannot give the year. So please forgive me and correct me in case of missing information or if misinformation is given. I am only human.

I am sure there is lots of research potential and stories to tell when it comes to the different groups, and concerning the scene in general. The world is going up and down... But when it comes to what matters... Collision is here to stay!


1990 The beginning

- Collision is formed by Shark/Calix (Norway), Zipper/Tac´2048 (Norway) and 2ny/Tac´2048 (Finland).
- Shark tries to gain members to the new group. People from Sweden and Denmark joins.
- Domix/Ideal quit Ideal to join the more international oriented Collision as a coder, swapper and Danish HQ.

By the time Domix joins, the member status are as follows (To my knowledge):

Caba - Swap, Graphix

Ross - Graphix, Swap

Critter - Swap, Graphix

Shark - Code, Graphix, Swap, Music

Entex - Code, Graphix, Swap

Star - Graphix, Swap

Flash - Graphix, Swap

2ny - Crack, Originals

Genius - Code

Top Gun - Code, Swap

Hifly - Graphix, Swap

Zipper - Code, Graphix, Music, Crack, Swap

Irox - Graphix, Samples

Domix - Code, Swap (+A little cracking)

P-Jay - Music, Code, Graphix, Swap

At that moment, Collision was a demo and cracking group. Releases of demos, tools and cracks where brought daylight.


1991 Liberty and Cuba Libre

Zipper leaves CLI.

Fire and brimstone: 2ny (Finland) gets mad about something. (Read your note from back then... Huh... What a temper.. But it was amusing to read), something to do with some demos getting spread before all CLI members have them, something about leadership and something about some music. Whatever....

Shark breaks out for another group (Digital Designs, and later Regina).

Memberstatus by the time of the release of the demo, Cuba Libre:

Anuba, Artic, Caba, Captain Howdy, Domix, Entex, Jake, Ote, Ripstar, Sato and 2ny
(According to the memberstatus given in the demo)


1992 The year of The Plague, and Lazyness...

Backstage, our BBS located in Finland, was maintained by Dr.Who (Sysop).

CLI+NO NAME+Brutal Miniparty/Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Some Danish sceners from Collision, No Name and Brutal gathers in an apartment for a few days. We are having some fun, and codes on a little meeting demo. The demo is released after the meeting, as we do not quite get finished with it at the time of the meeting. Hehe.. Guess we had some fun with some fireworks, and got abit of attention from the police for a few minutes... Kids!

Yoda (Code), Yoko (Music, Gfx) and Duck (Music, Gfx) joins Collision. They are all from Denmark, and used to be in a group called Girls.

Matrix (Swap) - Later known as Smash/Visual Reality,
Wave (Gfx) and
Ray (Swap, Crack, Code) joins Collision (All from Denmark)

Astro (Modem trader, Code and Crack) joins Collision (Finland, exact year is to be validated).

Later this year, Domix/Collision cuts down on scene activities in order to use more time on Reactor Productions and magwriting.

Ray and Wave leave CLI to join Unicess. Neat graphics and cracks had been released while they where in the group.

Matrix cuts down on swapping, in order to spend more time on nonscene things.


1993 Party demo

Collision+Electric Boyz attend the democompo at Assembly´93 with the demo "Party Demo / CLI+BOYZ"

Fire and Brimstone: Yoda, Yoko and Duck are releasing some music-packs. Later other packs, using the same code pops up. Yoko gets pissed off as they wanted it to be a kind of trademark, Domix addresses the problem to 2ny which takes care of it. It seems to be an internal misunderstanding..

Fire and Brimstone: Maybe this is new to some of the old CLI members. A member in the Danish section begins to talk about that he knows how to recrack without trace in order to get some releases. Domix points out, that such behaviour will not be tolerated in Collision - he would get kicked right away!

The coop between Collision and Electric Boyz are getting more and more close. The talk about making a new group with members from Collision and Electric Boyz is increasing. Yoda, Yoko and Duck believes the group would get too large, eventually they leave Collision to make a group called Moonlight at first, but they eventually end up with the name Fiction.

Palace is formed as a replacement for Collision as the name Collision+Electric boyz was abit... Long and unhandy for graphicians and coders. 2ny and the rest CLI+Boyz forms Palace.

Domix was asked to join too, but decided to toss a coin whatever to join Palace or stay in CLI in order to try to build the group up again, this time with 100% legal releases (I am coder, and it is where I have my heart). The outcome was that the coin could tell that Collision... - is here to stay.. However, building Collision up again was put on ice, as Domix started his studies and less and less time was spend on the C64.

The following years, game coding, rather than democoding takes Domix´s time.


1998 Start of real life

Domix finish his studies, and starts dealing with real life matters... Eventually Collision became an inactive "group" (only one member)... But still keeping contact to some of the old swingers from the scene.


2001 Movement

Domix is looking at what is on the web, concerning the scene.


2002 Trip to a friend from the scene

Domix visits his friend RØR/ex-NO NAME in Estonia (Rør left Denmark for Estonia) of which he has keept his contact with over the years.


2003 End of the hibernation

Fermin Hernández González with the site Cuaderno de Programación del Commodore 64 is requesting for an interview, which is given. Yaemon/Depredators Music Division regains contact to Domix (We have known each other since 1988-1989 or something like that), via Truss. This reinforces Domix´s interest in the scene again. And So... Domix becomes active again after a long time of ... other matters in life. Stubborn as a mule!

I have found my good old C64 (In fact - the very first C64 I ever got... Well... The printed circuit board is... The rest is a little changed for a more low-profile keyboard - got tired of the HANDS UP! programming position, and I have added some extra features). Fixed my 1541-II (Which was broken).. And started to see what was on my ancient 5 1/4" disks with C64 wares. Found some golden oldies, which I had almost forgotten about... And much more.

I have started to do some coding, and also found a game I started on programming a long time ago, but never finished (I even had done a level editor)... it would be a shame to waste it!

Of course, I am also interested in other architectures than the C64/128. So this site will, in time, be updated to also concern PC, Amiga, NES, SNES, PSX and whatever. Embedded software, and lowlevel programming can be fun!


Time flies!


There has been many other members, some which are not accounted for, information concerning this would be appreciated. I need to have my memory updated.. (read: I am getting old, senile and need a brain-transplant).


.... To be updated!