Cross Platform & Emulators

As we are in a world of progress, other machines are involved in development, exchange of data and running software. It is said that nothings beats the real thing (in this case the C64), which might be true. But still, lots of things are nice to have available, and handy to use... Whatever you are a graphician, musician, coder, collector, enthusiast or whatever, you can here find a small selection of some neat utilities to use along...


Cross Assemblers

ACME - (Platform independant)

Kick Assembler - (Platform independant, prospect for being my primary assembler)

Many other cross assembler are available on the net...



Vice - A rather good emulator with, among other things, true-drive emulation and PAL & NTSC modes.


Star Commander homepage - Transfer between 1541 and PC. The site has also information about X1541, XE1541 and XA1541 transfer cables.

Minstrel's Commodore page - Has MTAP, PTAP for reading and writing tapes, and MNIB for copy of (even protected) disks into .G64 and .D64 files.

WAV-PRG site - Homepage of a program for Converting Commodore 64 tapes to PC and back.