Greetings from Domix

Greetings to some of my past and present contacts in the scene, some of you I don't know where are in the world today. Be very welcome to drop me a mail if you like. Maybe I will track some of you, and try to contact you again...

2ny/Palace - (Finland) - Long time no seeing? - One of my old leaders
Adam/USSPE (Texas)
Al Bundy/TAT (South Wales,England)
Almighty God/Level 64/F4CG/Dekadence (Spain) - One of my old leaders while in Desert Nomads
Amarok/Oxyron (Germany)
Anarchy/Graffity (Hungary)
Artic/Palace (Finland)
Aslive/Brainbombs (Germany)
Bart/Palace (Finland)
Bird/Bronx (Denmark)
Calt/Graffity (Hungary)
Code 18/The Indigents (Germany)
Crystal Knight/Time (South Africa)
Daniel/The Force (Israel)
D'Arc / Topaz Beerline (Finland) - Congratulations with your child!
Daxam/The Tigerforce (Peru) - Retired? Anyway, nice to see there are still active groups in Lima
Erratic/Paralax (Australia)
Falcon/Accuracy (Turkiye)
Gobus/Noname (Denmark)
Godfather/Depredators (The Netherlands)
Gothic/Battery (Australia)
G-nius (Algeria)
Heavy D/Atmosphere (Germany)
Incubus/Triad (Sweden)
Jazzy D/Chromance (Hungary)
Joe The Madmad/(C64 days - Visual Reality) (Now Analogue(PC))(Denmark) - Still have some unused graphics from you!
Joker/Mayhem (England)
Myth (New Zealand)
Oca/Palace (Finland)
Page/Palace (Finland)
Practical Joke/ex-Lunatics, Formerly TrackFire (Denmark)
Ray/Vision (Denmark)
Royal/Death Sector (Sweden)
Rør (Denmark/Estonia)
Shark (6R6)/Nostalgia/Onslaught/Protovision/Shape/The Private Investigators (Norway)
Sky (Germany)
Smash/Visual Reality (Denmark)
Star/Genetix (Sweden)
Starlight/Extacy (Norway)
Storyteller/Atmosphere (Germany)
Tabasco/Fairlight (Sweden)
TCH / Brutal (The Netherlands)
TDP/Triumwyrat (Germany)
Tranzzie/Triad (Sweden) - Still a DJ?
Uptonogood/The Second Ring (Australia) - some of your footsteps on the net! Active?
Warbus/Clique (Norway)
Wave/Unicess (Denmark)
Wingo/Wrath D. (Sweden)
Yaemon (Denmark)

And the many many others...