SCLINX - Scene linx

Here is presented some links, scene-sites and sites of relevance to scene people. There are many sites out there, go search yourself. I have selected a few...

Some groups

No Name, has a good database of C64 sceners and groups, Past and present.
Fairlight tools - (FairLight64) Has some nice tools on their site.
C=Hacking - Many issues, and much information
Cosine - Their 8 bit section.
ROMch C64 tools - Lots of goodies

Other related links

COCOS - Search C= groups, and information

Twin Eagles Group (TEG) - Peruvian Sceners.

Padua - An old C64 group

C64 Games Guide - Info about softwarehouses and games.

6502.ORG - Resources for 6502 hardware/software developers (C=, Atari, Apple, NES etc. are also welcome!). Here you can find datasheets (65XX devices) and development tools.

Music Links

The High Voltage SID Collection - Commodore 64 music for the masses, in SID format

Historical links

Commodore history (At - History, service manuals and other goodies