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Office Suites, Word Processors
Man/Machine Interface development
Compilers and IDE
EDA - Electronics development
Bitmap-, 3D-, and Vector Graphics Editors
Chemistry and Molecular modeling systems
Antivirus, Antispyware etc.
Compression, Decompression, Packers etc.
Backup, Storage etc.
Web Browsers
Web Design, Deveopment and Management
FTP clients
IT tests/maintenance
General Download Sites

Office suites, Word Processors

AbiWord - Word processor for Win, Linux, QNX (Source available)
OpenOffice - Office suite

Man/Machine Interface development

GNOME - Desktop

Compilers, IDE and Editors

NetBeans - Development IDE for multiple programming languages
jEdit - Programmers Text Editor
Eclipse - Software development env./IDE
Lazarus, Free Pascal RAD IDE - Software development env./IDE

ECAD - Electonic Development

Electric VLSI - VLSI design package
Alliance - VLSI design package
gEDA - EDA design suite

Bitmap-, 3D-, and Vector Graphics Editors/Viewers

GIMP - Graphics/Photo editor (GPL licence, Advanced)
Embedded Vector Editor - EVE
POV-Ray - Persistence of Vision Raytracer. 3D graphics.
Art of Illusion - 3D modelling and rendering (Written in Java), located at the sourceForge.
XnView - Image viewer and converter (Freeware)
Irfanview - Image viewer and converter (Freeware)

Chemistry and Molecular Modeling Systems

PyMol - Molecular Modeling System (Win32, Linux and MacOS).

Antivirus, Antispyware etc.

Avast! - Anti-virus program (Win ME/95/98/NT4/2000/XP)
Avira AntiVir - Anti-virus (Win ME/95/98/NT4/2000/XP)
AVG - Anti-virus (Win and Linux)
Spywarefri - Danish Web directory with Anti-spyware (Danish language)


ZoneAlarm - ZoneAlarm
SecurePoint - Firewall and VPN Client

Compression, Decompression, Packers etc.

7-zip - Handles various formats

Backup, Storage etc.

Syncrify - based on rsync
DeltaCopy - rsync for widows

Web Browsers

Mozilla (And more) - Browser, email and HTML editor (depending on your download version)
Opera - Good browser (has compression features for slow connections too

Web Design, Development and Management

HAPEdit - Editor (Text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML-PHP-ASP-Java and much more). No UTF-8 - DHE editor (Incl. WYSIWIG, project based - can export to HTML) and more. - Web-server software. - PHP software.
Wampserver - Easy installation package - Apache, MySQL and PHP5.
DEV-PHP - PHP development software, located at SourceForge.

FTP Clients

FileZilla -
AutoFTP - The site has other cool software too

IT tests/maintenance

Nero CD-DVD Speed - Check CD/DVD drive speed etc.

General Download Sites -
Tucows - -
sourceForge -
Freeware Arena -